Buttweld Fittings- Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Mahaveer Steel is trusted and reliable steel manufacturer in the production market. We are a dedicated team of experts serving the steel industry since almost two decades, with our products consistently topping the charts when it comes to finesse and durability. We at Mahaveer Steel are proud winners in the race of production, supply, distribution and export of top quality steel equipments, offering a diverse range of products in steel fittings from Socket Weld to Outlet Fittings, while our Buttweld steel fittings exceptionally take the lead.

Product Diversity

We manufacture a series of duplex and super duplex Buttweld fittings in concentric, cap, elbow and tee forms in customized sizes as per customer requirements. Mahaveer Steel assures an efficient performance by its products in both domestic and industrial applications. Additionally, we are a distinguished name in the production of welded, threaded and socket weld fittings as well.

Quality Assurance

Our team of experts takes utmost consideration of quality concerns in terms of raw material selection, processing, packaging and supply of the finished products. For Buttweld fittings, top quality stainless steel, Nickel alloy or 6% Molybdenum is chosen, processed and subjected to periodic heating and cooling treatments in at controlled temperature and pressure specifications. The treated material is then molded into required shape keeping the pipe utility in consideration. All our products follow the manufacturing specifications of ASME B16.9 and MSS SP43 (for light weight fittings).

Alloy based Buttweld fittings are highly anti-corrosive, stress resistant and ensure a long life span with excellent durability against damages caused due to environmental factor variations and utilization wear out. Finished products are supplied in wooden and bubble wrap packaging to maintain quality constraints.


Buttweld fittings find usage in almost every domestic and industrial setting, owing to their ability to sustain extreme temperature and pressure variations. These piping setups are most frequently employed in sewage treatment plants for fluid separation, chemical, gas and nuclear plants for power generation, paper industry and many more. These fittings are found to be robust for diversified usage, however, should be installed by an expert for correct placement.

Our Reach

We are prominent suppliers of Buttweld fittings throughout the country, chiefly centered in New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, with some overseas clientele base in European and Australian continents.

Why choose us

We are global suppliers of these fittings and you may know the supremacy of our work once you collaborate with us. The butt-weld fittings that we manufacture are made up of various high quality materials which stand out on the needs of any industry. You can rely on the quality of our fittings as well as make their use in various applications.

Materials and experience: We use the materials which are only purchased by the government authorized and reputed vendors and suppliers so that it remains the best. Also, our products go through various quality checks before they reach you. Our team and workforce has an excellent experience in the manufacturing of quality butt-weld fittings. Also, they put all their skills and expertise to their work.

Guarantee and documentation: We know that quality matters, this is the reason why we never compromise with guaranteeing you about the quality of our products. You will get the best possible price on the premium products with complete documentation too.

Latest machineries: Moreover, we are equipped with the latest machineries as well as manufacturing equipment that keeps our product up to dated. We also take the help of latest renovations and technologies for manufacturing the butt-weld fittings which completely suit your needs.

Quotations and timely delivery: We understand the needs of getting the products in short lead of time. This is the reason why we have a stock of quotations and extensive availability of premium sized butt-weld fittings which you can get even in short span of time.